The difference between the acoustic and electric guitar

By | 28/08/2015

The guitar

Acoustic guitar

The very first difference between acoustic and electric guitar is in shape and size. Acoustic guitar is much larger, thicker and hollow. It has a metal or nylon strings are made of laminated veneer or solid wood, solid wood which is naturally and logically higher quality and more expensive than plywood. The most commonly have 6, 8, 10 or 12 strings and learn how to play guitar on that is more demanding than no electricity. Therefore, anyone who wants to control the best guitar should first have to learn to play acoustic.

Electrically guitar

The main difference is that the shake strings is based on the resonance of sound which enhances the hollow baffle, but the vibrations of strings captures electromagnetic sensor, which change in the signal which is transferred by cable to the amplifier, which shall finally converted into sound. Most often electric guitars have only six strings, but they are also having 7 or 12 steel strings also. Thanks electromagnetic sensors Electric Guitar hollow body does not need, and therefore has a much smaller and thinner than the body of an acoustic guitar.